Precalculus: Functions & Graphs

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Precalculus: Functions & Graphs provides a complete and self-contained presentation of the basic mathematical techniques and ideas required for the successful completion of a calculus course. The book emphasizes the learning and understanding of the concept of a function, using function notation, and being able to sketch graphs of functions with ease. The text employs a number of pedagogic devices that have been proven effective in teaching college mathematics. The mathematical concepts are presented in a style that is informal, supportive, and “”user-friendly””. Progress checks, warnin.;Front Cover; Precalculus: Functions & Graphs; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Dedication; PREFACE; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; TO THE STUDENT; CHAPTER 1. THE FOUNDATIONS OF ALGEBRA; 1.1 THE REAL NUMBER SYSTEM; 1.2 POLYNOMIALS AND FACTORING; 1.3 EXPONENTS, RADICALS, ANDCOMPLEX NUMBERS; 1.4 LINEAR EQUATIONS AND LINEAR INEQUALITIES IN ONE UNKNOWN; 1.5 ABSOLUTE VALUE IN EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES; 1.6 SECOND-DEGREE INEQUALITIES; CHAPTER 2. FUNCTIONS AND GRAPHS; 2.1 THE RECTANGULAR COORDINATE SYSTEM; 2.2 FUNCTIONS AND FUNCTION NOTATION; 2.3 GRAPHS OF FUNCTIONS; 2.4 AIDS IN GRAPHING; 2.5 LINEAR FUNCTIONS.



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Arnold, Bernard;Shapiro, Kolman


685, pages


Elsevier, Science



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