Film noir: a very short introduction

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1. The idea of film noir — 2. The modernist crime novel and Hollywood noir — 3. Censorship and politics in Hollywood noir — 4. Money, critics, and the art of noir — 5. Styles of film noir — 6. The afterlife of noir.;Film noir is one of the most intriguing yet difficult to define terms in cinema history. First associated with Hollywood thrillers of teh 1940s and 50s, film noir has become fully international in its nature and appeal, attracting the interest of great directors right up to our present time. In this Very Short Introduction James Naremore analyses classic examples of the films, as well as a few lesser known noir pieces, highlighting their key themes and styles, and their major literary sources. He considers their methods of dealing with censorship, and looks to the future of noir in a world of digital media and video streaming.



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James, Naremore


;, :, 124, 18, cm, illustrations, pages, xvii


Oxford, Press, University



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