Brutal journey: Cabeza de Vaca and the epic first crossing of North America

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Continent to call his own — Company gathers — Across the ocean sea — Into the gulf — Requirement — Tocobaga’s charnel house — Leaving safety harbor — Across the Withlacoochee — Sound of flutes — Land of the Apalachee — Chest-high in hell — Into the gulf … again — Father of waters — Castaways — Isle of bad fortune — Figueroa’s attempt — News from Malhado — Traveling salesman — Pecans and prickly pears — Burning bush — Traveling medicine show — Six hundred hearts of deer — Peace in the valley — Lost in the new world.;[This book] tells the story of an army of would-be conquerors, bound for glory, who landed in Florida in 1528. But only four of the four hundred would survive: eight years and some five thousand miles later, three Spaniards and a black Moroccan wandered out of the wilderness to the north of the Rio Grande and into Cortes’s gold-drenched Mexico. The survivors brought nothing back other than their story … They had become killers and cannibals, torturers and torture victims, slavers and enslaved. They became faith healers, arms dealers, canoe thieves, spider eaters. They became … whatever it took to stay alive.-Back cover.



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Alvar;Schneider, Cabeza, de, de;Núñez, Narváez, Pánfilo, Paul, Vaca


;, :, 1, 3/4, 4, audio, digital, disc, in, mono


and, Co., Henry, Holt



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